It is the company’s responsibility to ensure the well-being of all employees of SGS UK LTD upon their premises under the Health & Safety at work Act 1974.

Statement of Policy

It is the policy of the company that all operations are conducted to ensure that as far as possible the Health & Safety of their employees and all persons likely to be affected by their operations, including subcontractors and the public. This policy is the direct concern of the senior management and the Managing Directors are accountable for its overall implementation.

The Managing Director will apply this policy through the Company’s operations.

On each site/venue the supervisor in charge is required to ensure that all employees observe the Company’s safety procedures. It is the function of the Management to provide the right environment in which to work in reasonable safety.

However all employees have a legal duty not only in a safe manner but also to co-operate in efforts made to create and maintain a safe environment.

Policy Objective

To achieve the following:

  • To provide and maintain reasonably safe working conditions.
  • That the Company’s operations are conducted as to prevent any injury to persons and to avoid damage to property.
  • The observance that all staff receive adequate and appropriate training.
  • To insist that all staff observe safe working conditions.
  • The observance that all staff receive adequate and appropriate training.
  • To institute a proper reporting and investigation of incidents and damage with a view to achieving a reduction in accidents. Incident rates will be calculated by analyzing data.