Here’s a stat for you – over 80% of UK adults hold their employer responsible for their own personal safety when at work*.

Workplace Safety = Business Success

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As more and more businesses slowly return to work after the recent COVID-19 lockdown, now is the best time to take stock and review the security measures you have in place to protect your team, your assets and your premises. Even if you had a security health check before we went into lockdown, it’s worth revisiting as you will probably be working with fewer people on site and the building may be spending more time empty. You might think this would mean the level of security you need is reduced when, in reality, it means it may have to increase or, at the very least, be redeployed.


With so many people placing security high on their list of importance, it’s essential that you do the same thing.

First of all, communication is key so speak to your team and see what, if any, concerns they have. Not only will this reassure them that you care about their safety and wellbeing, but it will also empower them to adopt a security conscious approach to work and to let you know if they see anything that needs addressing.

Ensuring vulnerable areas such as stairwells, lifts, car parks and walkways are well-lit and well-monitored will make staff feel protected, and ward off any potential misconduct or inappropriate behaviour.

Make sure these areas are covered by CCTV and consider installing emergency buttons or alarms, so that your employees know they have support, in the event of an incident occurring.

It’s also essential to take working hours into consideration; do you have round the clock access, will some of your team be working late into the night, are there times when staff might find themselves alone in the building?

In these instances it is worth looking into manned security and/or mobile patrols with plenty of signage as an added deterrent.

A security concierge at entrance points will ensure only those who should be on site are on site, manned guarding of car parks and office blocks will ensure ongoing security checks and mobile patrols provide added back up for times the building is closed up.

You can’t underestimate the peace of mind that the presence of trained and certified security guards provide, and they will also be well placed to help and advise you with your security upkeep.

In the 2017 National Security Survey, participants believed proactive management along with regular security updates would have the most impact in making them feel safe and secure at work.  These are key features of security risk management systems which employers are increasingly adopting to demonstrate their commitment to security:

Workplace Safety = Business Success

Taking Care of Your Building

Every workplace or office block is different and will therefore need its own security assessment carried out individually.

You will need to take into consideration what each office/area/block is used for, how often is access needed (for example is 24hr access needed) and also the location of the site; are you in a highly populated area like a City Centre or a remote business estate with many empty buildings or open spaces around.

The security threat to a busy office block in a densely populated area is very different to the other and while certain aspects remain the same, internally, there is always a bigger threat of terrorism in a more populated area so maybe you need to consider upgrading to more sophisticated screening devices and manned guarding/mobile patrols.

Workplace Safety = Business SuccessThat’s not to say a quiet office on a deserted plot is safe; a lack of CCTV, no visible deterrent and no close neighbours can be dream pickings for robbers who may come armed if the reward is deemed great enough.

When it comes to developing a security plan, take a look at you access and exit points, check and double check your alarm and CCTV systems, are your emergency exits secure and well-marked?

What about stairwells, lifts, toilets or underground parking – are they secure and well lit? Don’t forget parking areas and locations such as smoking shelters, outside storage and any security fencing and signage.

Does the building have a high footfall – should you consider separate visitor parking areas, security badges, security concierge or even look at embracing biotech with body scanners…should you be looking into temperature scanners as more and more people return to work and the social distancing rules reduce to 1m plus?

Worlplace Safety = Business Success

When it comes to safety and security, there are many ways your people and your business can be harmed. From stolen identities to compromised personal files, your business could be financially ruined through an act of vandalism or theft.

Protecting your building protects your physical property, IT property and personal wellbeing. An efficient plan for building security can also give your employees and customers peace of mind as you conduct business in any industry.

Implementing just some of these ideas is a great way to improve morale and productivity amongst staff, as well as promote transparency and support in your company.

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