Life, Business and Security, at StrongGuard Security

‘Security with integrity’ - Still a successful formula for a fast-growing Security Company!

4 Years ago Nick Jackson at The Business Desk Featured our Security Business on their news website.   We were very proud of the fact that a well established business news specialist would take the time to feature us as a business.  So much has happened over the last 4 years, with Covid, the Fuel Crisis, Inflation. War in Ukraine.  Our business has gone through some changes in these challenging times.

The one thing that has remained the same, which has been at the core of our business since I started out in security over 15 years ago is our belief that we always offer “security with integrity.”

This is absolutely the cornestone of our business. We have seen many new faces over the years who have thought getting into security was just as simple as putting on a security jacket.   Its much more than this.    Its about ensuring your client is given the exact level of service they require.  From offering restuarants and bars the correct security the required to running full security operations for large goverment events, in this industry you need to really understand the needs and challenges of your clients.

To find out more about whats happened for us in our industry over the last few years, please check out our articles over at  TheBusinessDesk.